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Christmas Gifts for Someone With A Mental Illness

1.A Book I am a massive book nerd and there are so many types of books that you could give as a gift. A self-help book, a nonfiction book about mental illness, a fiction book about a character with a mental illness, a book for distraction or an inspirational book. Some books that I’ve read that would make a great gift are The Book of Hygge: The Danish Art of Living Well, The Art of Thinking Clearly and Reasons to Stay Alive.
2.A Movie or TV Show Box Set Again, a lot of the time distraction is a key part of managing a mental illness and DVD’s are an easy and convenient way to do this. Obviously, what DVD’s you gift depends on the person you are giving them to but these are some light-hearted or funny things that I like to watch when I don’t want to think too much:

-Adventure Time
-Brooklyn nine-nine
-Bob’s Burgers
-Doctor Who

-Ace Ventura
-Bo Burnham: Make Happy
-The Nightmare Before Christmas

3.A Blanket I’ve mentioned before about how weighted blan…

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